About Nina J. Zapala

Hi, Nina J. Zapala, here. Actually, Nina J. Zapala has had a few incarnations but to keep things simple let’s just go with it.

About Nina J. Zapala

That’s a fantastic question, and honestly, I don’t have a pat answer. I am constantly on a journey of discovering a better me, which is exciting and can be quite torturous at times, and yet quite fulfilling.

I love to read and write, and arithmetic, what — numbers aren’t my thing!

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Nina J. Zapala packed and ready to head out for another trip!

I’ve been blessed to be a mom in this life. My amazing son grew up too fast and is now on his own. I am a native Pittsburgher – Go Steelers!  I move a lot now living in Sweet Home Alabama. I am a huge dog lover and an animal advocate. I believe that animals, like people, were created to serve a purpose here on Earth. I’ve interpreted this purpose to mean rescuing us; messed-up, ego-filled humans that can learn a hell of a lot from a dog’s unconditional love!

What I Know for Sure

What I know for sure is travel changes people. When you travel together; as a couple, family, or on a business trip, and yes, even solo travel you have an opportunity to learn more about yourself and the world around you.


I’ve been part of the tourism marketing machine for over 20 years. Branding, creative writing, content marketing, and communications are tactics I use to entice travelers to visit the resorts, hotels, attractions, and destinations that I represent. I’ve used research, and the latest trends to make you wanna; visit, stay, and play.

This isn’t bad, it just doesn’t speak to you personally. How could it? All the marketing in the world can’t apply to 7 million people looking for a beach vacation. It also doesn’t apply to the 6 million looking for a family escape. There is no ‘individual person’ in those numbers.

 What is Practical Travel Psychology?

Today, I am offering travelers a practical way to approach travel. For many years I watched couples, families and business teams get frustrated, argue and stress out over travel, which is meant to be a beautiful experience. Today, my desire is to raise awareness amongst travelers, taking them on a fun-filled journey to reveal their innate travel preferences based on the Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator.

The indicator starts with four personality pillars a person are one of each trait: extrovert/introvert; sensing/intuitive; feeling/thinking; judging/perceiving. These traits have a substantial impact on vacation planning and outcomes.

Simply put, I want to help YOU the traveler identify YOUR unique inner travel guide before planning a vacation. How you ask? I’m leveraging the power behind the infamous psychology of Myers-Briggs® — re-engineering the 16-types into 16-travel types.

It is my deepest desire that my book, Practical Travel Psychology: Let Your Inner Guide Be Your Travel Guide; will ultimately revolutionize the way we travel. My deepest desire is for everyone to have the most blissful vacation each and every time. 

Note: This is a book based on the psychology of Myers-Briggs®, (MBTI),  but the focus is all on YOU! It’s a book to help you, the traveler, get in touch with innate travel traits that are 100% yours. Check the blog often as I will use it to promote the discussion of all 16 travel types.


My love for Mother Earth has me on a new path, a path of sharing products, destinations, and organizations that are contributing, consciously to the world in an effort to make it a better place. If you want your product featured on this blog, let’s talk!

It is my sincere hope that you find my little corner of the WorldWideWeb a place that you visit often, share your thoughts and dreams with me, and a place that is hopeful, fun and educational, much love, Nina


P.S. Visit here to listen to iHeart Radio and my interview on the topic of practical travel psychology or as I called it “What’s Your Travel Personality.” the podcast.