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5 Reasons to Appreciate Traveling With an Extrovert

Looking at the top 5 reasons to appreciate traveling with an extrovert. First, you need to understand that extroverts are more than effervescent, talking machines. Also, realize that no one is 100%  and this holds true for extroversion and introversion. Take me for example, I fall right smack dab, in middle of the extrovert/introvert spectrum. Usually, people type me as an extrovert. Well, I’m not. I need a ton of downtime, and I also try to avoid chit-chat at all costs. But hey that could be the T’ in me :).

MBTI® As Relates to Travel

Let’s tackle the how of this travel approach. How does MBTI® relate to travel? It hasn’t in the past, but I’m trying to change that. I’ve developed 16 travel personality types based on Myers-Briggs®. I’ve studied each type, their traits; strengths, and weakness and applied my finding to travel.

A Bit Of History On The Topic

Carl Gustav Jung initiated personality types and was renowned for rational psychology. His studies were then expanded by Katherine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers who gave types a practical psychological approach, making Myers-Briggs® typing a household name. Today, I’m expanding these types into the world of travel. No, I’m not a psychologist, yet I am a certified Myers-Briggs® instructor, and I’ve been in the travel industry for over two decades, which gives me some props!

5 Reasons To Appreciate Traveling With Extroverts

# One

Life opens up when you travel, and one of the greatest benefits of vacationing with an extrovert is their sense of learning through discussion or group travel. You’ll probably have a few group tours on your travel itinerary along with a few classes. Classes light-them-up think cocktail/cooking classes, art 101, group exercise classes; and you may even find them playing volleyball with the locals. The Active Traveler (ESTP) is most likely to join in.

# Two

Isn’t travel all about leaving the daily grind behind. An extrovert is well suited to make this happen. They quickly acquire friends; with locals, other travelers, and area shop owners. They jump in and start discussions getting to know people personally from a pure interest standpoint or an intellectual standpoint. Either way, you can be sure when you leave a place you will have made a few new friends.

# Three

Have you ever sat at your desk and said to yourself, “I’m so bored with my life?” You won’t be bored traveling with an extrovert. They will try something before they even consider the outcome — never a dull moment. ‘Variety is the spice of life,’ which could be an extrovert’s mantra. Shouldn’t vacations be the time to jump in and see what’s waiting on the other side? Yes, I know introverts may are saying WHAAT! But, if you approach the day knowing that yeah this is the day to be fully in the world, you just may come away somehow different while also knowing you can do something out of the norm and survive! And your extroverted traveling companion will be super grateful you joined them on their adventure. Relationship building 101!

# Four

Do you travel to learn more about the culture, the community, and the people who live in the area? Then you’ll probably want to travel with an extrovert. They thrive on interacting with locals, and there is no better way to do so, then being at a local event, festival, art exhibit, car show… An extrovert gets charged by the energy of other event-goers, engaging in discussions, shopping, and participating in many of activities offered. This type of travel will be a popular pick for extroverts.

# Five

Wanna try something new? Stick with an extrovert for days of new. They have broad interests so experiencing something new is a priority for them while on vacation. They are eager to sample new food, and new adventures; sand boarding anyone? And they will likely find something new about the area, and can’t wait to show everyone what they found. Their discoveries are often the result of them yacking’it up with a local or another traveler that made the recommendation. I’m an extrovert, and while I was talking to a local Parisian, she told me about this aftermarket shoe store. I was there in five minutes, and the shoes were amazing and affordable. Yeah, that’s how we extroverts roll.

Differences May Manifest Into Stress

Traveling, and personality differences are real and can manifest into stressful situations. But, if you understand your travel personality type and communicate with one another, travel can be a time to appreciate the differences in one another. Instead of looking at your travel mate as a crazed traveler that just won’t stop, maybe now you can see that they are flying high off of the energy around them and they are soaking up the area in a way that fills their soul. That in itself should bring a smile to your face, knowing that your loved one is blissing-out!

Travel Personality Traits

Vacations can have a deep and meaningful impact on our psyche. It can help with creativity at work and deepen relationships. If we as travelers don’t understand what motivates our own, genuine happiness or that of our travel mates, we miss out on the benefits of travel because our focus is on the traits that frustrate us vs. joyful experiences

5 Reasons To Appreciate Traveling With An Extrovert

Can you now appreciate and see the benefits of traveling with an extrovert? They will and can introduce you to the world if you let them. If you ‘re an introvert traveling with an extrovert, why not try a few things, but also let your extroverted travel partner know that you will need some downtime. Explain to them why this helps you recharge and to not to take it personally. Making time for reflection is a must for introverts, and I have to say if you are an extrovert this is a lesson you need to learn as well. Taking time to stop and reflect on the lovely people you meet, the new food you tried and the activities that brought you joy, makes the time away, all the more special.

Discover Your Travel Personality Type

Want to learn more?

If you haven’t had a chance, listen to my radio interview on my upcoming book topic, Discover Your Travel Personality; Let Your Inner Guide Be Your Travel Guide.  The interview aired on Speaking of Travel archived on iHeart Radio with host Marilyn Ball. I made it easy to listen, click here for direct link to the podcast. Or visit my travel page, which presents the premise of discovering your travel personality and the import role type plays when planning a vacation.

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