Travel in Today’s Wired World

Travel in today’s wired world can be stressful. Today, consumers have an unbelievable amount of choices when it comes to vacationing. Where is the best place to take a family vacation?  Financial woes arise and more concerning is spending quality time with my family and friends on vacation
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Yes, we as travel consumers are overwhelmed and anxious by the process.
Don’t believe me.
No worries.
Trip Advisor reports that stress stems from financial worries, finding the right place for a family trip and more!

Media and Marketers Sell Travelers On

  • Luxury accommodations
  • Top beaches
  • Best beds to get a good night’s sleep
  • Sublime food experiences
  • Distinctive excursions

While all of these attributes are amazing, how have they personalized the vacation to meet your soul’s unique desires, wants and needs? Some find time-saving as a luxury while others find luxury in a private suite, while still others find luxury on a trail far removed from life’s daily grind? No one person here is right or wrong. It’s just your definition of luxury. Not a marketers, not the media’s, but your individual and unique perception of luxury.

Conscious Travel: Looking Inward

The reason I am so hell-bent on the idea of conscious travel is I feel that today’s travelers look outward to book a trip instead of consciously looking inward to search for the “why” I want to travel opposed to the “hey look at me” selfie-style travel that has become prolific — yet I believe unfulfilling to most. Yes, you might walk away with some great selfies but how did you feed your soul? Are you happier now that you traveled or did it have zero impact?

Looking inward, was one of the top American aspirations uncovered in a 2008 Zogby International Poll. John Zogby, the founder of the Zogby International Poll, predicted a seismic shift and identified four mega-trends that are shaping the trajectory of the American culture and fundamentally redefining the American Dream. They are:
  • Living with limits: Leaner, smaller, more personal and personalized
  • Embracing diversity: Global, networked and inclusive
  • Looking inward: Who I am, not what I own
  • Demanding authenticity: Searching for authenticity in a make-believe world

My Goal: Create a New Way To Travel

Looking inward is a new pattern, a new way to travel if you will that I want all travelers to think about before they even hit Google to search for a vacation. My vision is this:

  • Look within to learn what you want; let your inner guide be your travel guide
  • Look within will allow you to bypass “marketing messages” that seduce you into booking a vacation that may not be right for you
  • Looking within will enable you to truthfully look at your budget, and get honest with your financial situation. Maybe a camping trip is more feasible at the moment than a $2,000 a night suite. If you know why you want to travel, the financial part works itself out with ease.
  • Get authentic with your true self — that could mean stepping away from social media for a half a day and figure out what you desire from your upcoming vacation
  • Soon, you will be able to take “What’s Your Travel Personality” a free quiz that will help you learn more about your travel type. I founded this theory based on Myers-Briggs® Type Indicators, you know that four little letters that reveal your individual traits and characteristics.

To learn more about travel personality typing visit here.

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I want to build a thriving community of travel personality types who eagerly share their latest trips providing a real-time concierge service if you will.


Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash

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