Are You The Traditional Traveler?

Traditional Travelers value social order and structure and deals with things rationally and logically.

They are born leaders, dependable, and organized and orderly. Many have gone on to be Presidents in the United States!

They live in the world of routine and facts so expect them to know a great deal about a destination before they arrive. Additionally, a schedule will be developed to assist them in their need for routine and to create an environment that makes sense while on vacation. This systematic traveler is the perfect person to create a travel itinerary, organize, and plan a trip.

The Traditional Traveler’s Dream: Packing Tips

The Traditional Traveler will relish this article, ‘21 Genius Upcycled Packing Hacks’ published by The Travel Channel, which highlights efficient ways to organize and pack even the smallest carry on bag!

This article is perfect for the Traditional Traveler who relishes systems and logic in all that they do, and packing is no exception. They are practical, realistic and dependable. Don’t we all need this person when we’re traveling.? I know myself, I am never practical when it comes to packing. I try to be smart and take less, and then I wind up never having the right outfit to wear or things don’t match! As the Curious Traveler, this doesn’t bother me. I simply head out on a spontaneous shopping spree, driving the Organized Traveler crazy, and probably causing stress and frustration. Sorry!

Packing Tips 

A few additional packing tips the Traditional Traveler will want to know.

  • Make a list, I know the Traditional Traveler is rolling his/her eyes, saying well dah, that was done ages ago!
  • Fruit is so hydrating but how do you pack it?  Protect fruits that are easily bruised or can ooze with a Koozie. Plus, you’ll have an extra koozie for drinks when you get to your destination.
  • Always have lip balm, earbuds, who wants to listen to a snoring seatmate?  And always back recyclable bags to store dirty clothes


If you want objective reviews, read the Traditional Travelers take on a place, they are honest and straightforward. This travel personality takes the time to write a detailed accurate review; you’d be well advised to pay attention to their reviews.

They typically put their travel companions first and look for ways to bring order and structure while traveling, which for some travel types is good and for others removing spontaneity could cause friction. Yeah, it’s all about traditions, which lends itself to structure and order in some shape or form.

How, You Ask?

I know you are wondering how do I know which review is theirs? Well soon I will have a community for all travel types and each type will be asked to contribute their reviews on recent vacations, staycations, attractions visits and more. It will be an awesome community and one that I hope you will join. Click here to join as is my Instagram page or if you prefer Pinterest, Twitter or Google+. I will also be launching a Podcast, just need to figure out how to do it and will probably launch a YouTube channel. Do you want to be my first guest?

Be mindful, none of these channels are for me, they’re for you the traveler. The goal is to build a community of travel personalities who will share genuine experiences related to their type. I want this idea to replace your fake reviews.

My goal is to revolutionize the way we plan and travel.  To make sure each vacation is filled with happy memories, sexy sojourns or family vacations that you’ll remember for a lifetime! Travel, be safe, and get to know your true travel personality!

Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

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