The Art of Storytelling in a Social Media World

Storytelling has been my claim to fame for decades. Today, I’m mastering the art of storytelling in a social media world. It’s an exciting time to be a storyteller. Storytelling is the brand’s point of differentiation. Nowadays, one can share brand stories on digitally to create an ever-evolving ebook Below are a few tips I’d like to share about storytelling.

1. The Art of Storytelling in a Social Media World

For many years I would push out client branded stories hoping writers would publish them. Thankfully, my creativity in the art of storytelling garnered my widespread media attention. Yet many times writers would put their own spin on the story, diluting the authenticity of the story. Another downfall of traditional storytelling is consumers have to find stories in magazines, newspapers, etc., and if they didn’t subscribe to or read their daily newspaper that day, the story would be missed, that’s why I’m a stickler for a the PRing of PR approach.

Original, Branded Content is Critical to Consumer Lingering

What I know for sure is traditional PR  has changed dramatically. Consumers want stories at their fingertips. As a brand author, I can share narratives across a broad spectrum of digital channels allowing consumers to read or click at their convenience. Evergreen stories (stories that are timeless) have become my favorite. Original, branded content is critical to consumer lingering. Tweaking the story to fit the social channel is key to increasing the “lingering effect”. You want consumers to linger over your content. Consumers that thoroughly read and get emotionally involved and committed to your brand are more likely to buy. Emotions sell, selling doesn’t. Put yourself in your fans shoes and story share from their viewpoint.

2. Make stories entertaining and fun – not salesy

Brands that share entertaining and fun stories get so much more traction on their Facebook pages, Twitter streams, blog posts and more. A great example is The Outer Banks, North Carolina. The destination’s social team shares interesting facts via Facebook, rarely selling. They leave selling to their fans, who ultimately create powerful WOM referrals. Oreo is another brand that is out to have a blast on their Facebook page, and they too are relevant and engaging, which naturally draws you in!

3. Stories should draw from emotions and create main characters

Truly great storytelling touches us emotionally, but as you know, all stories have main characters that resonate and connect. A great example of this is NASA’s new mohawk nerd, Bobak Ferdowsi, a Twitter sensation. His story is fun and entertaining and embraced by his co-workers who vote on his hairstyle for each mission. It appears that 30,000 followers on Twitter also agree with the stars and stripes mohawk.

Draw on Employee Stories

Employees provide a treasure trove of captivating stories. Why not share employee stories about awards, unique hobbies pet stories or community involvement? Brands can also share what’s happening externally as well. You may want to highlight a unique class, event, and/or a special promotional opportunity. So many stories to share, but be mindful the stories need to resonate with your target market.

What’s Your Story?

What’s your brand story? How are you sharing it with your fans and followers? Do you use branded storytelling to impact your brand content? Do you have story clarity? If you’re not clear on your story how do expect consumers to understand? Be willing to take a stand and stick to it, no matter what’s trending. Give up a bit of control and let the story come naturally. Why? Because a story about a person, place or thing is boring.

Find success in building your business through the art of storytelling in a social media world. Hope you take away a few tips to use for your business.

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