Radio Interview is Live for What’s Your Travel Personality

Speaking of Travel Radio

Wow, my radio interview is live for What’s Your Travel Personality, a book that I am currently developing. The interview is being aired on Speaking of Travel, found on the iHeart Radio website, with host Marilyn Ball. Feel free to listen to the podcast here. 

Screen Shot 2018 01 23 at 12.36.16 PM 300x267 - Radio Interview is Live for What's Your Travel PersonalityThis radio interview is in depth and a few of the travel personalities are discussed on the show. Please note, that since this interview I’ve changed a few of the travel type names but their core attributes didn’t change as they never will.

Forever grateful to Marilyn for this opportunity. I also thank Randy Houston, the show’s producer for putting this all together. A few names changes have been made since the shows taping.  Note, the concept of each type remains unchanged. 


Sign Up: Take What’s Your Personality Type Quiz

Please feel free to sign up to receive a free quiz I am developing that will identify your authentic travel type. This quiz will be available within a week, I’ve got some last minute editing and I want it to be perfect!

I hope you are getting excited to learn more about your travel type. This information will radically change the way you approach a vacation, how you plan it and most importantly it will bring about insights that you may not have realized about your self and a greater understanding of your traveling companions.


The Inquisitive Traveler!

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