Judging and Perceiving Travel Personality Traits

Judging and perceiving travel personality traits can influence travel planning, the onsite experience, and vacation happiness. These traits express themselves in your approach to the outer world and are noted by those around you. A bit of psycho-babble so read, and re-read if you have to. Another way to look at these two preferences is how they describe the nature of our extroversion; we all extrovert at times and we all extrovert at times. (Remember extroversion is related to our outer world as are these two preferences) Everyone uses these two traits all of the time; it’s the basis for typing.

Stay with me, so this preference pair asks; do we extravert a judging function; thinking or feeling or do we extravert a perceiving function sensing or intuition? If you’re new to Myers-Briggs®, many of the traits have an opposing opposite, which is again the case for judging and perceiving characteristics.

Are You a Travel Planner or a Spontaneous Traveler?

If you tend to make a reservation and created detailed plans for your vacation you probably have a judging trait. In the world of Myers-Briggs®, this means that you are like to make decisions. Having a judging preference does not mean you are judgmental.

If you typically lean towards spontaneity and you love surprises this likely means you have a perceiving trait. In the world of Myers-Briggs®, this means preferring to take in information. Having a perceiving preference does not mean you are perceptive.

Both types have so much to offer, and you are perfect just the way you are!

Judging and Perceiving Travel Personality Traits

A person with a judging travel personality trait whether it’s thinking or feeling related to their distinct travel type will tend to plan, structure, schedule and organize every aspect of a trip. Travelers with a judging preference is a person who has ordered every guidebook on the destination, will want to coordinate every minute of the visit, and will travel with intent, yes they will bring order to a trip. Vacation time is like most things in their life; plan their vacation — work their vacation.

A person with a perceiving travel personality trait will tap into their intuition or sensing functions, whichever is prevalent for your type. This traveler will most often be flexible, spontaneous and they like to understand and adapt to the world around them. They probably won’t stick to a schedule and are the 33% of travelers that make a reservation when they arrive. Before they make a decision they will research, learn and research some more; and your thinking come on the train is pulling out of the station!

Discover Your Travel Personality Type for Blissful Vacations

Can you see how judging and perceiving characteristics could cause tension amongst travelers and influence the travel planning process? Many of us are so excited about our upcoming holiday that we don’t think to use practical travel psychology to create a vacation plan that everyone will enjoy.

How To Use Travel Personality Typing when Traveling with a Judging Type

If you are a judging type traveling on holiday with another judging type the trip should be reasonably stress-free unless one of you have a judging trait leans more towards perceiving. And you may argue over your lists — you know like who’s list will we follow, whose list will we use for the day, and why is that one the list? Additionally, travelers with this trait like to bring things under control as much as possible, and sometimes traveling is out of control. Tip: There is a big difference between a control freak and a person who wants to have things settled and organized; controlled. Understanding this will alleviate a lot of stress.

If you have a judging travel personality and you are traveling with a perceiving travel personality type know this traveler will most likely be late, will veer off designated paths, and explore unintentional side trips all for the sake of creativity and fun. Remember they like staying open to whatever happens, decisions for them are open-ended and loose, and they are in the moment.  Tip: Plan for spontaneity for this type and let them have their day of unplanned fun. Who says you have to join them?

Hot To Use Travel Personality Typing when Traveling with a Perceiving Type

If you are a perceiving type traveling with another perceiving type, make sure you have a fully charged phone because you will be exploring uncharted routes and getting lost. Also, the two of you stay open so much that you may miss everything as decisions are never made. Tip: Leave the map reading to judging travel types.

If you are a perceiver vacationing with a judger be mindful that you’re carefree nature: not adhering to scheduled tours, dinner reservations, and so on, can be disruptive. Save everyone from getting a headache and make sure you allow your judging travel mate time for structured adventures. This one action will have such a positive impact on both of you. Tip: A traveler with a judging trait will undoubtedly have a list, maybe you can ask them to mix it up so you don’t feel so imprisoned by the tasks at hand, yet the judging traveler can still check off a few things off their travel to-do list. A win-win for all.

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