Father’s Day Tips for Extroverts and Introverts

Father’s Day tips for extroverted and introverted dad’s. These three tips will have dad grinning from ear-to-ear, but more importantly, the memories will last forever. This post digs deep into how fathers prefer to experience the exteneral world. Below are three easy, how-to tips to cater to dad’s needs.

Father’s Day Tips for Extroverts or Introverts

Are you ready to forgo the typical dad day presents like clothes, ties, watches, shaving amenities, and yes, even tech gadgets and give Dad a profoundly different Father’s Day experience? This year why not get your Father something he will remember long after the sun sets on Father’s Day. These Father’s day tips are a great starting point and will help stimulate ideas for your family.

This tips can also be used for planning birthday parties and other special occasions

An Introverted Father

If your dad is an introvert, these three father’s day tips will win you many smiles and make for a happy day.

  • Cook an extra special breakfast; pancakes, waffles or whatever your Dad’s favorite breakfast dish is and place it on a gorgeous tray with a special book, the newspaper (I know it could be digital :))or the remote and let him luxuriate in peace and quiet, without interruption for a solid two hours.
  • Take Dad to his favorite museum, a place that ushers in quiet and stillness while knowledge is freely available through introspection and reflection. It’s what they love the most.
  • Stay in and have a movie marathon. Introverted Dad’s, of course, love their family, and a home environment provides the perfect intimate setting to enjoy the family and have fun watching their favorite movies of all time!

An Extroverted Father

If your Dad is an extrovert, these three father’s day tips will win you many smiles and make for a happy day.

  • Take your Dad to the city’s most talked about brunch spot. Extroverts love the stimulation of a hopping restaurant because the place is lively, thriving with conversation and, of course, fabulous food.
  • Explore the idea of a local or regional music, art or food festival. Being in a crowd talking to other enthusiasts, sharing a common bond with festival-goers, and just being part of the energy of it all makes for a perfect day. Even better, invite one of your Dad’s best friends and their family. For extroverts the more the merrier.
  • Ever thought of throwing your Dad a Happy Father’s Day surprise party? The more people on the guest list the better and the more activities you have going on, the better.  Make sure all the dads participate.
    • Put the top hat on the Dad and play a version of pin the tail on the donkey (OK I made this up, but it could be fun)
    • A piñata would also be fun
    • If you have the room, try a putt-putt golf station

Hope you found these father’s day tips to be useful. Stay tuned as next week we are back on the travel aspects of discovering your unique travel personality and the benefits of understanding these traits.

Happy Father’s Day!



Photo Credit: Brigitte Tohm Unsplash

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