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What's Your Travel Personality?

Discovering Your Travel Personality

I’m fired up and eager to spread the news about Discovering Your Travel Personality, a new path to help travelers reveal their genuine travel traits. If you’ve tuned into my blog, my Pinterest or my Instagram account, you’ve seen that I’m all about an inward approach to travel. If I had my wish, I’d like all travelers to think about their unique travel preferences before they hit Google to search for vacation options.


For those of you, you’ve not read any of my blogs, no biggie, as this blog discusses why I’ve been inspired to create a new way for travelers to approach vacations.

The Old Ways of Travel Are Killing the Planet!

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The beaches of Maya Bay, Thailand have been closed indefinitely

What if I told you the idea of travel had been programmed into you? Ponder this. What if YOUR idea (or you thought it was your idea) of travel comes from external cues, and not from your inner travel guide. When you consider taking a vacation, do you rely on your friends and family, the media, marketers, influencers, and social media? Did you know that algorithms, politicians, advertisers, and fake reviews can alter search results which influence decisions? UGH!

Marketers, advertisers, and influencers are promoting travel to specific destinations so much so that it’s exhausting the aesthetic of the place. It’s driving residents out of their homes, rentals are skyrocketing, and the sheer number of tourists are wreaking havoc on the environment. Some destinations have had to shut down to rebuild the damage caused by overtourism. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be a part of this travel machine any longer.

There is Another Way

First and foremost, I’m not saying discovering your travel personality is 100% the right WAY. That would be arrogant, wrong and, honestly, we as humans are complex, and none of us are exactly alike. Yet, we do exhibit similar preferences.

Why I’m so excited about travel personality typing, is that everyone on the globe has a type! WOW. Think about it. Everyone in the world has a travel personality type, but who’s talking about it? Well, there are a few people that have mentioned travel personality typing but not to the extent that I’m going to get into it.

Coming in 2019

Coming in 2019 I will be sharing a free quiz to help you identify your specific travel type. Then if you wish you can download an affordable travel personality profile that matches your results. Discover Your Travel Personality: Let Your Inner Guide be Your Travel Guide was created using the works of Carl Jung, the Godfather of psychology, who started the theory of psychology typing, which was further developed by the mother-daughter duo; Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother, Katharine Cook Briggs, who went on to develop the Myers Briggs® Type Indicator. Additionally, I’ve sourced The Keirsey FourTypes Sorter, by Professor David Keirsey and Type Talk, by Otto Kroeger and Janet M Thuesen.

The Back Story

Beyond my two decades in travel, and over ten years of research; I’ve also completed an intensive training, and received my Myers Briggs® Certification from The Myers & Briggs® Foundation. Yes, I’m serious about this, and I’ve decided the best way I can serve is to learn as much as I can about personality typing. No, I’m not a guru, PLEASE, but I am a curious creative who partnered two concepts; travel and personality typing into a new idea that I’m hoping will change the way we travel. It all started with a question that I’d ask myself,  “Why do we listen to everybody else and ignore the advice of our inner travel guide?”  It’s because, like many things in life, we’ve been programmed to look at travel from an external viewpoint. We don’t question it, it’s a habit, and it’s conventional.

Well not anymore!

The cool thing about discovering your travel personality is you won’t have to learn a new craft or take a mastermind class, TG, because what you need to know is already inside of you. It’s your natural state. I’m just here to help you rediscover what you already know, to help you turn up the volume of your inner travel guide! I’ve discussed this in more detail here.

Discover Your Travel Personality: Let Your Inner Guide be Your Travel Guide delves into the following:

  • Your general traits associated with travel
  • The benefits your travel personality type offers to others while on vacation
  • What challenges your travel personality presents while on the road
  • How your personality type reveals itself a romantic vacation
  • As a parent, how your travel type engages with your children on vacation
  • And the best places to visit based on:
    • General travel destinations
    • Romantic travel destinations
    • Family travel destinations
  • Plus travel hacks, tips and fun details that you can share with your travel companions

Once you understand your unique traits, what you like, love and don’t like, and places you may want to skip altogether, you can make an informed decision. How refreshing not to have to rely on someone else’s opinion.

  • Who knows you better an editor at a magazine or you?
  • How does a review from a total stranger on TripAdvisor, relate?
  • An influencer — who has been to a lot of places — but your idea and their idea of travel may be worlds apart.
  • And yes, your Mom and family probably know you reasonably well, but do they know your genuine travel personality?

I hope you’re as excited as I am to start traveling in a whole new way. Lots more to come in 2019! For now, travel safe, travel consciously, and let your inner guide be your travel guide!

How it All Began

I’m a creative thinker, and when something piques my curiosity,  I can’t help but dive in to see where it all leads. I’ve been fascinated with personality typing for decades, and this fascination has led me to a new idea. I’ve discovered a useful way to apply personality typing to travel.  To learn more about how this all began, click here.

My dream is to develop a growing community of like-minded travelers who seek to know more about the 16 travel personalities. You the traveler are the heart and soul of this community, and I will rely on you to contribute reviews on recent vacations, staycations, attractions visits and more. It will be a wonderful community, full of honesty, fun and genuine insights about real-world destinations.

Stay In Touch

I hope you will join but for now, click here to find me on Instagram or if you prefer Pinterest, Twitter or Google+ for travel personality news and notes. I will also be launching a Podcast, will need to figure out how to get travelers like you to volunteer and share your experiences. OR should I do YouTube? Do you want to be my first guest?

My goal is to revolutionize the way we plan a vacation and to help you enjoy happier vacation experiences, sexy sojourns, and memorable family adventures once you arrive at your dream destination. Travel, be safe, and enjoy getting to know your genuine travel personality!

Check out my radio interview on Discover Your Travel Personality?, aired on Speaking of Travel part of the iHeart radio network with Marilyn Ball. Give it a listen here.

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