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DeFuniak Springs, Florida: A Small Town with a Grand History

I just had to visit DeFuniak Springs, Florida, it’s an off-the-beaten-path, undiscovered, small Florida town. For me, it’s a soul-filled place perfect for my travel personality, the Curious Traveler. The day started kinda bumpy; my check engine light was blinking so, of course, I went into drama, and was fussing. My gas cap was loose which triggered the check engine light, ah technology. Moving on.

Hope you enjoy my latest travel piece for the Naples Daily News, Naples Florida, part of the USA Today Network.

DeFuniak Springs, Florida: A Small Town with a Grand History

alt"DeFuniak Springs, Florida"

Photos from my trip to DeFuniak Springs, Florida

My friend was visiting from the UK; she was calm as a cucumber when the check engine light went on and said, ‘no worries’ we don’t need to go to DeFuniak Springs, Florida, what else can we do. Well as a determined Curious Traveler, you see that’s my travel personality type, I was like no way we’re going. My friend is amazing and a wonderful travel companion, we always have a blast when we’re together. The funny thing is, she is the exact opposite of me:) As they say, opposites seem to work well together. So, you can see how she was like, chill on the drama Nina, everything will work out, and it did.

Let The Journey Begin

DeFuniak Springs, Florida is really off the beaten path, in fact, if you’re not careful you may pass it by. The beauty of this is that many people do pass it by that what gives it, it’s charm, serenity and small-town vibe. If you’re an introvert looking for a quiet, rich getaway, this is the place for you.

alt="DeFuniak Springs, Florida"The Walton DeFuniak Springs Library is a Must Stop

What a grand place DeFuniak Springs is, my friend and I had such a great time exploring the area, the Walton-DeFuniak Library is a must stop. While the town is tine, there are so many interesting things to see and do; the library is like an oddities museum. You will love it! Also, shop Mainstreet for one of a kind antiques and bargains, we found treasures at Big Store Antiques and Sandford and Sister’s Antiques. Click here for a detailed area list.

alt="Defuniak Springs Florida"DeFuniak Springs, Florida a Place for Introverts

DeFuniak Springs, Florida may be a trip consideration for introverts. With self-guided activities; walking tours, exploring the library, Mom & Pop shops, plus all the friendly people you will meet along the way. Don’t forget to stop in and say hi, to Dennis, at the Little Big Store.’

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Photo Credit: Nina Zapala, The Little Big Store


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