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Book a Consult: Change Your Business

Book a consult, change your business. Yeah, I know it’s a bold statement, but I know it to be true. For more than two decades I’ve been helping brands succeed in a world where mega vanilla brands rule.

Heck, I’ve even won awards for it!

I embrace the Italian phrase; l’arte d’ arrangiarsi, translation the are of making something out of nothing.

Spend an hour with me and tap into a fountain of fresh ideas to establish your business as:

  • The purple rose in a sea of daisies
  • Relatable, relevant and remarkable
  • Profitable, charitable, loved by the community

I’ve helped business discover new revenue streams generating a 100% increase in annual profits. I’ve created partnerships resulting in client collaboration on The Amazing Race, The Doctors, The Bachelor, and others. I’ve helped clients save Blue Iguanas and Loggerhead turtles using cause marketing while upending sales quotas. One promotion worked so well it shut down an entire reservation system. That was good and bad. 🤪

Yeah, there’s work involved to support the creative ideation, but if you’re not in it to win it, the idea is lost. There ARE NO get rich quick schemes!

What I need From You:

Fill out the form below. Answer these questions I can’t do this without you and if you’re not willing to articulate your needs in detail, you’re not ready. Come back when you are, I’ll be here 🎈

  1. Is your brand drowning in the “sea of sameness? Maybe you just need to refresh your brand story which is always evolving.
  2. Are you happy with your business as it is now, or do you long for your brand to be further along? (This is common business malaise no need get anxious, I can help)
  3. Are you in marketing overwhelm; social media, content marketing, blogging, storytelling, video and podcast marketing. I know it’s a bit much but I do offer a solution to simply your marketing initiatives.
  4. Why did you want to set up this call?
  5. Who is in charge of taking action on what will cover?
  6. Who is in charge of the companies financials? Will they be on the call as well?

My fee for the first hour is $500, subsequential hours are $250. The $500 fee is payable before we speak.

If your ecstatic with what we did in an hour or two I do offer monthly sessions which start at 90-days, to 180-days and more. Let’s chat about this because these sessions are limited, work intensive and I pride myself on being your PERSONAL marketing partner.

Book a Consult

My work with you is original, I don’t use templates or reuse campaign ideas (yeah this is done all the time) CRAPPY, I know! I’ve worked for an agency that told me to use last year’s press release. WHAT. That’s like putting a new cover on magazine using last years news. IDIOTIC and SNARKY!

I’m dedicated to growing your business. And I take my role very seriously!

I only offer four of these consults a month so book early because FOUR is my limit.

“Nina is great to work with. She is forward-thinking and overflowing with creative, fresh ideas.” Tammy Peterson, President of Retreats Unlimited.

Here’s Why

When you’re successful, you, in turn, help people in your neighborhood by providing employment, offering a new experience, and maybe even giving back. Because of my influence on your business, you can elevate your family income providing education, better healthcare, vacations and more.

It’s all so gratifying because together we are reshaping communities. It doesn’t get any better that this!

Looking forward to learning more about YOUR business and how I can help. In the meantime please feel free to request my case studies ebook.

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