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Can Collaborative Partnerships Make Your Destination A Standout?

Can collaborative partnerships make your destination a standout? You can’t move an ocean or a mountain so how do you create a fresh visitor experience?

Sugarfina Uses Collaborative Partnerships

Luxury gummy bears, really — yep, it’s a thing and according to Sugarfina, a candy store for adults, it’s a $40 million-in-revenue thing. The brand is in collaboration with:

  • Corona Light® to introduce a beer-infused gummy,
  • Tito’s Handmade Vodka to produce the new Sugarfina x infusion,
  • and, not to miss the vegan trends, tee hee, Pressed Juicery in partnership to launch a green juice gummy.

Collaboration is the key to capturing consumer attention and successful growth. While many iconic retailers where closing their doors last year, Sugarfina opened 15 stores.

What Do Gummy Bears Have to do With Destination Marketing — Keep Reading

If you, as a destination marketing professional, are reading this blog and you are thinking, “Yeah, that’s a gummy bear. We can’t infuse our oceans with vodka, green juice or champagne. You’re right, but I ask you to step away from your computer and imagine a collaborative experience driven by local assets.

Collaborative Partnerships Make Your Destination a Standout

Let’s say you are a dog-friendly destination and all of the locals rave about a tasty cookie biscuit found at the Bow-Wow Bakery. Plus your destination has a few hidden beaches where dogs can frolic in the surf. And, as luck will have it, a new deli opened nearby with rave reviews. Ok, see where I’m going with this? Yes, it takes time and effort, but to standout, you need to do the work. The idea here is to create a content marketing strategy that keeps on giving. Pro Tips:

  • Best places to picnic with your four-legged friends
  • Ideas for a deli picnic that can withstand the summer heat
  • Top-dog — picnic basket treats for your canine family members
  • Shoot a Facebook, Instagram, or your social media of choice video on how to pack the perfect picnic basket
  • Ask visitors to share their experiences; again on your social channel of choice

Expand the Sizzle

While the first three ideas are great to give your advertising, blog, and social media some fresh sizzle, keep it going. More Pro Tips:

  • A guest blog post from the owners of the Bow-Wow — get behind the scenes video, ask about popular dog-treats, and inquire as to where the owners take their pups for a special doggie-family day
  • Interview the owner of the new deli
  • Ask if the deli owner to share a recipe or demo the construction of the perfect sandwich
  • Put together a top ten list of deli snacks for the tastiest picnic ever

Collaborative Destination Partnerships Are Just the Beginning

Can you see how collaborative destination partnerships help diversify the visitor experience? Using local experiences, which I’ve discussed at great length (read more here), is a must, but so is thinking outside of the box. What I mean is no Google searches — it taints the creative process.

Break the Google Search Habit

We all need to break the Google habit of wanting an answer in seconds. It’s ok not to know the answer. Embrace the unknown; it will help you reflect, imagine something different, and hopefully steer you away from the “method approach” every other destination is trotting out as their own.

Marketing Magic

One thing I know for sure is I have an innate ability to generate ideas and insightful marketing approaches. My blog is chock full of creative tips — spend some time as I’ve intentionally designed the blog to be beneficial to you.

Want to Learn More?

Are looking for ways to collaborate? I can help. Contact me — Creating collaborative destination partnerships that create buzz and increases visitors to your destination, are exciting projects and I would love to be a part of yours!


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