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What's Your Travel Personality?

Are You The Curious Traveler?

Are you The Curious Traveler? You may be if you’re typically on the go, looking to discover what’s new, and asking locals dozens of questions. This travel personality is spontaneous, thrives on learning something different and loves a good debate. This desire for new and learning makes for whirlwind trips. Curious Travelers are the go-to traveler if you are looking to delve into where the locals go; and are dying to know what they eat, where they shop, and what their favorite activities are.

Are You The Curious Traveler?

Let’s dive in and see what type of genuine preferences the Curious embraces.

The Curious Traveler’s Dream: Unplanned

This traveler might start out with a plan, but they rarely stick to it long enough to make it come to fruition. Their restless minds are always scanning the environment so if they see something that piques their curiosity, they are off, without a second thought.

The Curious Travel and Invention

These travelers are the go-to traveler for creating imaginative ways of doing things. For example, they’ll opt for a different route back to their hotel every day. Hey, it’s a new way of doing things and they will undoubtedly stumble upon a new shop or run into a local chatting it up, and delving deep wanting to learn everything this person knows about the area. If traveling with this type, you will be hard pressed to get them to agree to a group tour. They’ll be like, boring.

The Curious Traveler is Idea Luv’in

Curious travelers live in a world of ideas and are always coming up with fresh concepts, one-after-another, even before one gets off the ground. Since this traveler lives in the world of ideas, and what’s new you can expect to discover a fresh take on a place; and probably not the obvious ones like a new restaurant, hotel, or attraction, but more on the lines of an up-and-coming local artist, a wonderfully hidden café or a relatively unknown beach.

These travel personalities are full of surprises. Curious travelers are highly communicative and may be seen as argumentative. Yes, they do like to spar a bit, but it’s only because they have an insatiable need to learn about other cultures, places, and things. They appreciate the differences in cultures and love to travel to far-flung destinations. Top Ten travel lists are not that interesting to them. If it’s already been written then where is the originality in the list? Heck, they may even create their own travel lists, but know they probably won’t get to every place, because they are too busy creating new lists 🙂

How it All Began

I’m a curious creative and when something piques my curiosity,  I can’t help but dive in to see where it all leads. I’ve been fascinated with personality typing for decades, and this fascination has led me to a new idea. I’ve discovered a useful way to apply personality typing to travel. There are 16 travel personality types in total inspired by Jung, Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator and the Keirsey Temperament Sorter. To learn more about how this all began, click here.

My dream is to develop a growing community of like-minded travelers who seek to know more about the 16 travel personalities. You the traveler are the heart and soul of this community, and I will rely on you to contribute reviews on recent vacations, staycations, attractions visits and more. It will be a wonderful community, full of honesty, fun and genuine insights about real-world destinations.

Stay In Touch

I hope you will join but for now, click here to find me on Instagram or if you prefer Pinterest, Twitter or Google+ for travel personality news and notes. I will also be launching a Podcast, will need to figure out how to get travelers like you to volunteer and share your experiences. OR should I do YouTube? Do you want to be my first guest?

My goal is to revolutionize the way we plan a vacation and to help you have happier experiences, sexy sojourns, and memorable family vacations once you arrive at your dream destination. Travel, be safe, and enjoy getting to know your genuine travel personality!

Check out my radio interview on Discover Your Travel Personality?, aired on Speaking of Travel part of the iHeart radio network with Marilyn Ball. Give it a listen here.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Photo: Madeira, Portugal a fabulous destination for the Curious Traveler

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