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6 Ways to Extend the ROI of Media Placements

Ok, you’ve been featured in Coastal Living Magazine, so now what? Why not learn 6 ways to extend the ROI of media placements using the tips below. Below are my 6 go-to’s that I use to keep travel and lifestyle clients in the spotlight. This helps to extend reach and frequency which builds ROI.  These 6 actionable tips help generate top-of-mind awareness. Read on if you want to discover how you can extend the ROI of media placements.

I like to call this tactic the PRing of PR, and of course, there are more than 6 ways to extend the ROI of media placements, but these are my top go-to’s.

1. Post the Article in the Company Newsroom

Do you know that 80% of people will visit a newsroom while visiting a website? Why you ask? It’s where the new stuff is. Visitors expect to see new content and new story ideas, images and more. Many consumers have the perception of websites being stale, that’s because many of them are. This tip is excellent if you have a highly functioning newsroom. Oh yeah,  please use the proper credits and copyright to stay in compliance with the law.

2. Incorporate Into the Blog Strategy

Develop a blog post around the article and augment it using additional helpful tips. You can get three to five other blog posts out of one piece. Put your creative hat on and Go4It:

  • A lifestyle product could provide often-overlooked user tips, recipes, or new trends.
  • A travel destination could take a page from Amazon and use a “travelers who liked this may also like this, and this, and this!” approach.
  • A hotel could juice it up by offering a special rate or complimentary beverage. An example: “We loved our feature in Coastal Living and how the magazine featured our signature cocktail. We know you’ll love it too, so this week only; book now and receive a bespoke stay in our grand coastal view villas, and the first drink is on us.”  This post recycles the features and extends the reach. A call to action should also be included to encourage bookings. The bespoke stay highlights a property benefit too.

3. Include the Sales Staff

I’ve been working for decades in marketing communications, and it’s rare that companies utilize editorial as a marketing tool for the sales staff. Don’t know why it’s easy-peasy. Plus it’s a great way for sales people to keep in touch with potential clients and reach out to loyal clients letting them know what’s new and newsy.

4. Email Marketing — Well Great Big Dah!

Why not include an editorial in an email? It’s news, it’s not you talking about you, and it’s a third party source which delivers instant credibility. And to really stand out, add a P.S. thanking them for being part of your email community. Don’t ask for a sale or use a call to action. This tip alone may bring big happy smiles to your email subscribers!

5. National News Can Generate Local News

If the feature is in a nationally recognized publication, it may generate interest in local and regional news outlets. Being featured in a national news outlet has value. Often local news outlets will want to share news about their city, hotel, attraction, etc. Tip: Publicists can often upload news to local news sites a smart tactic for continued SEO reach.

6. Newsletter

Most destination marketing organizations and many hoteliers are always in need of content for their newsletter. A feature or inclusion in a publication is usually of interest to subscribers who want to know what’s trending in the area, who’s talking about what, and of course, new cool places to visit. A win-win for all.

Key Takeaways

Recycle media placements whenever possible. And, as suggested by the above tips repurpose content when it makes sense. Today’s news comes and goes at dizzying speeds. This strategy not only helps extend the life and value of a news article it also increases the ROI on the initial investment. With millions of headlines hitting the internet, this approach is a must in today’s 24/7 digital world.

Hope you will apply the 6 Ways to Extend the Value of a Media Placement. Go ahead and get into the groove of PR-ing the PR.

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P.S. Yes, the image I used for this article are the many article placements I’ve gotten my clients through the years. Gotta say I’m proud of my work, and more importantly happy that I can create headline news for clients!

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